Has your business ever experienced a service failure? Of course! Every company needs a “Service Issue Response System”. When customers complain – when products are returned – when your company is at risk for a downturn in revenue, it is prudent to make a permanent improvement rather than fix the problem in band-aid fashion.

The concept is fairly simple but sometimes it takes an MBA to figure out how to set up a good response system for a given organization. Once in place, however, every service failure becomes an opportunity for continuous improvement. Systems for filling orders, training front or back staff, fielding customer complaints, updating customer-facing information, are all examples of things that need systems in place. If the activity is mission-critical to your profitability you should have a system in place to guarantee success.

At CenterPointe, we typically fix things permanently by altering the operations manual to reflect policies and procedures that will enable a higher level of service – then add a training module so each and every staff member is trained to the new standard of service. Easier said than done – however. Often, businesses don’t have policies (or procedures) that a are “codified” – written down. Even if procedures do exist, they are often kept on a shelf somewhere and when times are busy they are ignored in favor of getting something done on the spur of the moment.

In absence of “codified operations”, your company will always remain small and will be managed by one or several talented individuals who oversee day to day operations. And this is fine as long as growth is not a priority.