Nothing matters unless the initiative happens. We make it happen.

Here is an example: This law firm wanted to train employees in all five offices so the lawyers would be able to travel from office to office and have a predictable, comfortable, and productive work environment. Here is what we did step by step:

Performed diagnosis of learning requirements and formulated procedures for all aspects of operation. Determined required skills for each department and employee, formulated training modules including procedures, skills, cross training, compliance and employee development. Formed and assigned learning plans for each employee. Developed and maintained training program through purchase and implementation of online Learning Management System (LMS). Designed, developed, and facilitated or managed all training activities including traditional classroom, blended, online, and on-the-job programs. Produced traditional, online and blended course content including supervisory, leadership, and custom compliance courses. Designed and built online courses using Articulate, Captivate, Adobe products, and a variety of other course-building software. Verified learning outcomes through testing and reporting for all training regardless of method of delivery. Established and maintained organizational knowledge within the online LMS. Supervised quarterly review and upgrade of training and knowledge program. Reported on training progress and outcomes monthly.

It took about a year – and it was a success. In addition to standardizing services, headcount was reduced because of the ability to rapidly cross train.