We make recommendations just like any other consulting company. We also provide implementation plans and services. However, there are times when our recommendations are not acted upon. We have lots of war stories to share concerning recommendations over the years. Here is one of them:

Blueprint for Revenue Diversification

A Marine Corps government contractor had been in business for a couple of decades and became a leader in providing services to the USMC. They successfully competed with the largest government contractors in the world and their performance was exceptional. Their strengths included a knowledgeable management team and a talented and dedicated workforce that had an intimate understanding of the war-fighters’ needs. The good news was the bad news. They were the top of their game and had no place left to go to grow.

CenterPoint Consulting was hired to determine how they could diversify their revenue. An analysis of their existing contracts yielded an opportunity to use their current and past performance as a vehicle to move into similar contracts for the Army. The Army is much larger and would provide room for growth. And although some members of the Marine Corps may not agreeā€¦ the Army war-fighters and the Marines have similar equipment and perform similar functions.

After considerable research concerning the contracting environment in the Army it became apparent that the Marine contractor could indeed leverage existing staff to become program managers on much larger contracts. All the knowledge skills and abilities were already in the organization and coupled with the exceptional past performance, the move into Army contracting an excellent strategy for growth and revenue diversification.

This particular company never implemented the recommendations for revenue diversification because they sold the company for $40 million to a much larger government contractor interested in entering the USMC market. Smart.