Dr. Valerie Whitcomb is engaged in a number of studies designed to promote growth within small to mid-sized organizations. As a specialist in Critical Success Factor research, she uses this methodology to create a credible – research based – sets of factors that must be addressed for the highest probability of success. This methodology can be applied in a variety of situations and is typically used for high-risk initiatives. To learn more about the methodology and benefits of CSF research please click here.

If you have a research question that should be addressed using CSF research methodology please contact Dr. Whitcomb and schedule a brief appointment at this link.

Ongoing Studies – Please click on the link for full information:

Exploring Critical Success Factors of eLearning Program Implementations in Membership Associations

The Economics of Online Professional Education – Exploring the Delta between Design, Delivery, and Demand

Exploring the Effects of Virtual Team Training on Performance using the Coll-MM Framework

Critical Success Factors of Second-Generation Entrepreneurs

Please participate in one or more of these studies if you are qualified to do so.